Watch Yung Joc's Hilarious Appearance on 'Judge Faith'

Yung Joc appeared on the 'Judge Faith' show to sue his booking manager for $6,000.

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Daytime courtroom shows have developed into their own genre of comedy—providing plenty of entertainment with the most bizarre cases involving some of the most, uh, eccentric individuals. But just when we thought this stuff couldn’t get any more entertaining, Yung Joc rolls through with his own civil suit.

Yup. On Monday, the Atlanta rapper made an appearance on the Judge Faith show, where he was suing his booking manager, Polo Hammond, for $6,000.

“I’mma keep it all the way 100,” Joc says before presenting his case to Judge Faith Jenkins. “I had to come here today in front of the honorable Judge Faith Jenkins because my supposed-to-be manager...took this money, but I came here today to get it back.”

Joc says he never received a full payment from Hammond following an event appearance. He’s also suing for defamation of character after Hammond used a Joc look-a-like to perform at one of his gigs. But wait, it gets better. Hammond filed a countersuit for $1,000. Why? Because Joc failed to pay up after losing a game of Spades.

It sounds staged and made up, but it's entertaining AF. You can check out clips from Young Joc's Judge Faith episode above and below. 

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube


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