Yung Joc stopped by Atlanta's V-103 station on Wednesday to talk about his new hairstyle that inspired countless memes and plenty of internet jokes. Interestingly enough, Joc actually revealed that he is responsible for a majority of the hilarious memes poking fun at his new look. That claim is sort of out there and deserves to be questioned. Was Joc actually sitting at his computer in front of a meme generator? Is he taking credit for other's work? 

Even crazier, Joc said it was actually a network executive who encouraged the rapper to change up his hair. If you're wondering exactly how Joc went about requesting the new style, he even broke that down. "I want you to give me something that looks like the white boy," he said. "Gimme the hairstyle wtih the little part and swoop over like a classy man."

Listen to him explain all the fine details between his suave new haircut and dip back into some of the greatest memes right here.