Jadakiss' Crust-Only Pizza Has People Asking 'Why?'

The rapper's love for pizza crust has been documented over the years, but is this custom order going too far?


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In a 2015 Grub Street article, fans got a glimpse at Jadakiss' health-conscious diet, which included everything from fresh-squeezed fruit juices to grilled veggies to cheeseless pizza. Yes, you read that right: Jadakiss prefers his pies without the staple topping.

"I was recording up in Yonkers at D-Block studios, so we ordered a cheeseless pie from Pizza Pizza, with spinach, arugula, all types of green leaves," he revealed. "It looked like a pizza with a plant on it. My favorite part of pizza, anyway, is the crust."

Nearly four years later, Jadakiss found himself back in the news for an even more unconventional pizza order. On Tuesday, New York pizzeria Cuts & Slices posted a photo of an "all crust" pie that Jadakiss reportedly ordered.

"Special request for @therealkiss," the Instagram post was captioned. "Who else like Crust only? 👀"

The photo was apparently taken back in 2018 and posted to the Instagram of Randy Mclaren, the owner of Cuts & Slices.

Mclaren recently shared a screenshot of an article about another pizzeria that was selling boxes of pie crusts. The Cuts & Slices owner revealed Jadakiss had suggested something similar back in 2018.

"@therealkiss been telling me since I opened up @cutsandslicesnyc to figure out a way to just serve CRUST, his favorite part of any pizza," Mclaren wrote. "#NowItsAThingAYearLater."

Though this "crust-only" pizza trend is picking up steam, some Twitter users are having trouble wrapping their heads around it. The custom Jadakiss order was met with mixed reactions as well as many questions, including: Is a crust-only pizza cheaper? Is it more expensive because of the extra cutting work? Why didn't Jadakiss just order breadsticks?

You can check out some of the reactions to the crust-only order below—followed by a purported response from the man himself.

Jadakiss eating an all crust pizza doesn’t surprise me I knew he was different when he was fantasizing about dancing w/ this girl at the club but all he could think about was her messing up the collar to his white tee

— Alphonse (@Al_Peeair) July 16, 2019

*plays the Jadakiss "Why" beat*

Why would you pay for a pizza and eat the crust and not the pie? 🤨 https://t.co/Xa41F6HJtw

— TV ☽ (@TinuolaVictoria) July 16, 2019

cant stop thinking about the jadakiss crust-only pizza.... what a powerful rebuke to a culture that tells u to discard the crust.... but also.... why wouldn't u just order a pizza without any toppings........

— nadine (@trillmoregirls) July 16, 2019

“Rats like cheese , so my pizza all crust” *jadakiss laugh* https://t.co/bqz4MAQTJy

— Master Of The Triple Bye Bye Birdie (@WalkLikeWalt) July 16, 2019

who is delivering this “pizza” to jadakiss and not laughing all the way there?

— Alan Nakkash (@alannakkash) July 16, 2019

Jadakiss' pizza less pizza got me questioning everything about life. Truly at a loss for words. This shit just shook my entire world

— 5k (@iLoveShawn5000) July 16, 2019

I don’t know if I’m just really high, but that Jadakiss Pizza is the funniest shit I’ve seen all year. Jesus Christ

— Chicken Wayne Jones (@AceBillionaire) July 16, 2019

What piss me off bout dat jadakiss pizza is da fact buddy got 3 sauces lmao

— moesha (@Gorillazoey101) July 16, 2019

Jadakiss gonna have to explain this crust nonsense lmaoo

— vivi ** (@valstrasserr) July 16, 2019

Jadakiss only eats the crust on pb&j

— Ernie Glock Jr. (@deanknows) July 16, 2019

someone please tell jadakiss about stromboli pic.twitter.com/dBvu8LksAx

— trey (@TreyfromNY) July 16, 2019

This guy is a maniac https://t.co/vrI9E3anej

— CALIX (@ImsoCalix) July 16, 2019

this is why jadakiss actually scares me. https://t.co/VaFxJovR2f

— papi frijoles. (@beanzcuh) July 17, 2019

And he had the nerve to be asking all them questions in 2004 Why this Jadakiss Why this?? @Therealkiss https://t.co/kZCPpHx9g7

— Mawkees 🪮 (@QuesTheGenius) July 16, 2019

cc: @broazay pic.twitter.com/EfAEGdXQs7

— ItsTheReal (@itsthereal) July 16, 2019

ItsTheReal shared a screenshot indicating that Jadakiss’ thoughts are “Can’t do the cheese don’t mean I can’t do the crust lol.”

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