Turk Opens Up About His Friendship With Lil Wayne and His Time With the Hot Boys

Turk also discussed his upcoming documentary titled '52 Bullets.'

Turk at Weezyana

Rappers Turk and Lil Wayne perform during the Hot Boys reunion at Lil Weezyana Festival at Champions Square on August 28, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Turk at Weezyana

The relationship between Lil Wayne and Turk has been full of ups and downs. As the youngest members of the now-defunct Hot Boys crew, they developed a personal and creative bond that naturally included friendly competition. But as Cash Money evolved into a music empire, Wayne and Turk’s relationship began to fall apart.

Most of you know that most of the Hot Boys members—Turk, Juvenile, B.G—left the record label in the subsequent years, leaving Wayne as the only Hot Boy on Cash Money’s roster. There were rumors of resentment among the group, which were fueled by a series of diss exchanges between Weezy and the other former Hot Boys; however, Wayne later made a peace offering in Tha Carter’s “I Miss My Dawgs” track, which featured three verses dedicated to Juvenile, B.G., and Turk; the latter of whom was referred to as Wayne’s partner.

My other, my partner, I was teacher, he was father
I skilled, he schooled, we chilled, we moved
We thugged, we hung, we ate, we slept
We lived, we died, I stayed, you left
Remember how we played to the left
And we stayed out of trouble 'cause we stayed to our self

“Yeah, that song touched me. I was locked up. I used to be rapping and singing it, too.” Turk told Noisey as part of Kyle Kramer’s A Year of Lil Wayne series. “And what he said about me, that was the truth. Like Wayne couldn't go Uptown. They'd try to keep Wayne away from the streets and shit. But when we was staying together, Baby and Slim ended up going out of town to New York, to Universal. They was working the deal. And I psyched Wayne up to go Uptown. And we wasn't supposed to be Uptown. We was supposed to be in Metairie. That's the good part of Louisiana. And I was like, man, fuck that, we about to go Uptown. And that's what he rap about. We went straight to the Nolia. He wasn't supposed to go, and he saw me reunite with my soldiers. 'Cause I hadn't been—like, they took me from the hood. So every chance I got, I had to get back to Magnolia.”

Later in the interview, Turk revealed several details about his upcoming film projects. He has written a screenplay for a movie called Reckless and is working on an autobiographical documentary called 52 Bullets.

“So everything that I went through, everything I done seen, I documented it, and we puttin' it on the big screen, man,” he explained. “Gonna give it to the fans so they know why this ain't happened, why that ain't happened. 'Cause they can't get all that in a interview. And everything I went through, man, maybe there was a reason. Maybe somebody needs to know what not to do in order to make it. We all go through things for a reason, man, and I went through mine, and I learned from it.”

You can read Turk’s full interview, which includes his thoughts on a Cash Money reunion, exclusively at Noisey.

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