Travis Scott Previews a New Track on Snapchat, and It Sounds Like a Banger

Travis Scott went to Snapchat to share a sneak peek at a new track. Could it be a single for 'Astroworld'?

Travis Scott attends his 'Hood Toyota' Pop Up Shop

Travis Scott attends his 'Hood Toyota' Pop-Up Shop

Travis Scott attends his 'Hood Toyota' Pop Up Shop

We can all agree 2016 was a big year for Travis Scott. But it looks like 2017 will be even bigger.

On Monday afternoon, the Houston rapper went to Snapchat to preview a new track that sounds, for lack of a better phrase, nothing less than fire. The 37-second clip shows Travis in the studio smoking while bumping the song. And we completely identify with the dude dancing his heart out in the background.

Fuck is this????? RT @Genius: travis scott's 2017 shit sounding CRAZY 🔥 🔥 🔥

— Low (@LowKeyUHTN) January 9, 2017

The sneak peek comes nine days after the 24-year-old announced he was “making more beats” in 2017.

This year I'm making more beats

— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) December 31, 2016

Birds went #1
Very proud
Tour soon
Thank you to fans
Astroworld 2017

— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) December 31, 2016

It’s unclear if this upcoming cut will appear on a full-length project, but Travis has been promoting his third studio album Astroworld a lot recently. Could this be one of its singles? Maybe, but we can’t forget about his rumored collaborative album with Quavo, a project that the Migos member teased exactly one month ago on Travis’ Beats 1 .Wav radio show. So, it's anyone's guess at this point.

While we wait for more details, you can listen to part of the track in the video above. 

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