The Game Says He and 50 Cent Have Unreleased Records Together

The Game says he and Fif would currently be billionaires if they had never feuded.

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The Game claims he and 50 Cent have "timeless" collaborative records in the vault.

During the latest episode of Uproxx's People's Party, the Compton rapper shared his thoughts about a possible reunion with his former foe/labelmate

"I would entertain it," The Game told host Talib Kweli. "... I would do it for the sake of cats who want to hear it, who want to see it, who relish in that moment that me and 50 had. If me and 50 never had beef, we would have been billionaires by now."

It's no secret that 50 played a big role in the early stages of The Game's career. After the Born 2 Rap artist joined Aftermath in 2003, Fif was tapped to help record his debut studio album The Documentary. The Game said their studio sessions resulted in "magic" and claimed he was still sitting on a number of collaborative cuts.

"Me and him in a studio by ourselves was A, B, C, D, E, F, G," The Game recalled. "He knew what to do, I knew what to do, we put our voices together and that shit made magic. I got songs with me and 50 on hard drives at my house that are timeless."

The Game reveals he has a bunch of unreleased music with 50 Cent & says 50 Cent’s comeback in music can only happen if they work together.

— Quake (@QuakeGW) December 7, 2019

The beef between the rappers began shortly after The Game was added to G-Unit, which was formed by 50 alongside Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. During an appearance on Hot 97 in 2005, 50 announced he had kicked The Game out of the group, which led The Game to launch an anti G-Unit campaign dubbed "G-Unot." Though the rappers have since ended their feud, The Game isn't so sure Fif would be open to reuniting.

"50, he move a little different. Even though he forgives, he don't forget," The Game told Kweli. "I really fucked up G-Unit clothing, the record company, the whole shit. I put G-Unit in flames ... He didn't like that."

The Game then praised Fif for all of his accomplishments, claiming he was a big fan of the mogul's crime drama Power. But The Game went on to say that a 50 comeback was unlikely ... unless the two of them joined forces again.

"If 50 is gonna be a power in hip-hop at any moment from now ... he gotta be standing next to me," The Game said.

You can check out his full People's Party interview above, where he reflects on his fallout with 50 Cent and the shootout in front of Hot 97.

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