Premiere: Taylor Bennett Sticks Up a Record Store in "Rock 'N' Roll" Video

The CEO Beatz-produced single will appear on Bennett's upcoming EP, 'Be Yourself.' The project, which is set to drop week, will mark the artist's first release since 2017's 'Throw Aways: Unmixed.'

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Taylor Bennett has given fans another taste of his upcoming EP, Be Yourself.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old Chicago native debuted his Zxxk and CEO BEATZ-assisted single “Rock 'N' Roll” along with a cinematic music video made in collaboration with Naked Gallery. The visual tells the story of a record store robbery carried out by Bennett and a female accomplice. The setting is an obvious nod to the song’s title, while the use of Elvis Presley masks refers to the appropriation of black music, which Bennett essentially steals back in the video.

Director Andre Muir worked closely with Bennett to create a unique narrative structure intended to keep audiences guessing until the very end. The series of events are presented in a non-chronological order and are often repeated to evoke the feeling of reliving a bad day.

You can check out the “Rock 'N' Roll” music video above.

Be Yourself is set to drop July 12. In a recent interview with TIME magazine, Bennett spoke about the project’s title track and what he wanted listeners to get out of the record.

“Something that I want for not just children but all my listeners—no matter if you’re gay, straight, white, black, rich or poor—is understanding the power of being yourself,” he said. “As children, very early we’re pressured into automatically being a part of groups. I want kids to understand that being yourself is important.”

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