Did SZA Actually Quit Music?

SZA sent out a tweet claiming she quit Top Dawg Entertainment.

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Though she’s released several singles and made a few guest appearances this year, we haven’t seen much of SZA. In fact, it’s been over two years since the TDE first lady dropped a full-length project, and on top of that, there hasn’t been many details about her forthcoming album, A. So fans have been wondering: “What’s the deal?”

Well on Monday, SZA finally responded to that question with tweet that read, “I actually quit.”

If SZA quits music, I quit life

— pandora🔮 (@kailajaneska) October 3, 2016

The 25-year-old singer then gave permission to TDE’s co-president Terrence "Punch" Henderson to release A “if he ever feels like it.” She then finished her message with “Y’all be blessed.”

Needless to say, the post had social media shook. Did SZA step away from her label? Did she quit music entirely? Or was this just a playful response to the incessant inquiries about her next album? We’re hoping it’s the latter.

Check out some of the Twitter responses to SZA’s post below.

Lol. pic.twitter.com/EgQa4647NY

— Punch TDE (@iamstillpunch) October 3, 2016


Punch tweeted a photo of The Joker with "lol." Is he really holding her hostage or nah? Stay tuned as more information comes through.

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