Swizz Beatz Remembers DMX in Emotional Video: 'He Lived His Life for Everyone Else'

Swizz Beatz reflected on the late rapper's far-reaching impact on the world, explaining how he lived his life trying to help others while enduring his own pain.

“We lost a real giant.”

In the wake of DMX’s untimely death, his longtime friend and collaborator Swizz Beatz shared an emotional video reflecting on X’s life. The Grammy-winning producer specifically spoke on X’s character, remembering the legend for his selfish, humble, and loving nature.

“My brother was a different type of brother—a different type of artist, a different type of creative, different type of spirit, different type of zone, different type of soul,” Swizz said. “Since the day that I met him, he lived his for everyone else … You ain’t never seen DMX with a Lamborghini, you ain’t never seen my brother with a Rolls-Royce, you ain’t never seen him iced out with no jewelry. He did not care about any of that. He was the biggest … He was the biggest because he prayed for everybody else more than himself. He’d get on the stage and pray for 15,000 people, knowing that he needed more prayers than anybody that he was praying for.”

X, born Earl Simmons, died at age 50 on Friday after being hospitalized for a heart attack. His has team has not confirmed reports that a drug overdose contributed to his death; however, his hard-fought battle with substance abuse was well known among his friends, family, and fans. Swizz touched on X’s struggles throughout his Instagram video, explaining why he believed the rapper was in so much pain.

“My brother would take care of everybody before he would take care of himself. I never seen a human like him. The closest I’ve ever seen to a prophet ...” Swizz continued. “Know why he was suffering? ’Cause he took everyone’s pain and made it his. His humanitarian work should be celebrated.”

Although X was known to prioritize everyone else’s happiness over his own, Swizz revealed the ways in which X would try to alleviate his suffering.

“He was in so much he would go to jail to have his freedom. Sorry, dawg, I gotta tell them the truth,” Swizz said. “He would go to jail to escape his pain. That’s how much pain my brother had every day.”

The Verzuz co-founder went on to recall a dream he had on the day of X’s death—a dream that gave him a sense of comfort during the time of mourning.

“We lost a real giant. But he’s not in pain no more … I wanna be selfish, but I can’t. He’s the most loyal person I’ve ever known,” Swizz said.

I’m in position because of DMX. Millions of people are in position and inspired because of DMX. My brother was one of one … If he ain’t fuck with you, there was nothing I could, but if he loved you, there was nothing you could do. Understand? We lost a real giant. But he’s not in pain no more … He came to me the day that he left us in my dream. He was watching South Park. I came up behind him and hugged him. I seen his smiling, but I couldn’t hear him talk … He got up and he grabbed me very tight, and he looked at me and he gave me a smile … I knew he was OK. I knew he was in a better space … Long live DMX … We love you, king.”

You can watch Swizz’s full video below.

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