Offset's Alleged Mistress Summer Bunni Drops Cardi B Diss Track

Summer Bunni: "Baby let me be nice to ya/I know it hurts to know I had some nights with him."

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Summer Bunni wasn't finished with Cardi B.

The model/aspiring rapper made headlines last year for her alleged affair with Cardi's estranged husband Offset. Bunni was quick to  claim the rumors were true and went on to issue a tearful apology in a video posted by TMZ. She retracted her apology shortly after and claimed Cardi was trying to silence her by blocking her media interviews.

"People wanna say, 'Oh, this person was stoppin' my bags,' or 'This person is doing this,'" Summer told Hollywood Life back in December. "[Cardi] forever gonna make me a topic, so you might as well just leave me alone. I'm over here—I'm just really tryin' to focus on my music."

Earlier this week, Bunni reloaded on Cardi with a freestyle over Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s "Get Money." The 20-year-old drops lines about her and Offset's rumored affair, references his alleged threesome request with Cuban Doll, and reiterates her claims that Cardi was trying to stop her bag.

"Bitch, who the queen of the press shit/I heard you press bitch/You better check you press list," she raps. "Talk my shit cause I'm the real deal hunny/Check yo man you got a real deal hunny/Ha, baby let me be nice to ya/I know it hurts to know I had some nights with him/You really you a real life sad bitch."

Check out the track above.

Cardi has not directly responded to Bunni's diss, but she did share a message to clout chasers one day after the track was released:

Whole bunch of famous broke nikkas and bitches .

— Cardi B (@iamcardib) January 30, 2019

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