Just one day after going hard after Lil Yachty through Instagram and on Twitter Saturday afternoon, Soulja Boy has decided to squash the beef on his own.

In a new video post on IG that has  since been deleted, Soulja explains why people should stop trying him, writing in the caption, "Beef over I'm back to getting money leave me alone."

"I feel everything was just exaggerated man. I feel like ni**as keep trying me. I’ m not no bitch man. Lil Yachty texting me telling me to take a picture down of India Love. I been with the girl for years. I ain’t never even heard of this ni**a, she ain’t even met this ni**a. So I got mad. Then this ni**a Sizzle started dissing me. For what? I don’t even know you bro … but right now, I got no beef with nobody," he said.

He continued, "Everybody that’s just beefing with me—Lil Yachty, all y’all ni**as, just squash the shit bro. After tomorrow, if I hear anything else, we taking it to the streets.  So just squash that shit. The Lil Yachty beef over. And y’all leave me the fuck alone.  I’m finna count these millions."

This comes as a surprise since Soulja was teasing a diss track aimed at Yachty called "Fuck Ni**a." He even shared various artworks for the song.

The mounting tension rose when Soulja threatened to expose Yachty earlier today. He wanted to leak a recorded phone conversation that shows Yachty calling Soulja "crying and shit" to end their dispute. DJ Akademiks gathered from Yachty's Snapchat story (here, here, and here) that shows he actually received the call from Soulja first, and you can hear the two rappers giving each other respect and props.

It wasn't too long ago that Soulja Boy went on a tear, posting up new pictures, including of text message conversations between him and Yachty, and him and Love, while taking shots at him over both Twitter and Instagram. He became a trending topic on Twitter, but it also made him a huge target. After Yachty's response at a concert at the Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, Texas, Southside of 808 Mafia took a shot at him, and Keke Palmer might have shown her support for Lil Boat with this tweet:

Which Soulja obviously didn't like.

But now that the beef is over,  Soulja was probably overreacting a bit. Here's him saying he's got love for Yachty.