Shotti Bets $1.5 Million His Son Will Knock Out 6ix9ine

6ix9ine's former manager called out the the controversial rapper during an upcoming episode of Akademiks' 'Off the Record' podcast. Check out the clip here.


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6ix9ine has been challenged to a million-dollar fight.

The rapper’s former manager, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, proposed a bet in an upcoming episode of Akademik’s new podcast Off the Record. Speaking from a prison telephone, Shotti accused 6ix9ine of putting up a front and continued to blast him for cooperating with the feds in their racketeering case.

“He’s trying to justify his actions, man,” Shotti said. “What I wanna say is this: ‘Dude, tell him you was scared, let him know the truth, and you’ll be alright, man. But you wanna keep lying and perpetuating and acting like you a gangster, you gonna get what gangsters get, man. It’s just that simple. I wish him the best.”

Shotti went on to shout out his associates who, unlike 6ix9ine, refused to snitch on their co-defendants. He then told Akademiks to send the following message to 6ix9ine.

“Tell that n***a I got $1.5 million—he talking about he gonna knock n***as out, I got $1.5 million that my son will knock him out, clean,” Shotti said. “However he want it. Don’t go looking for Meek Mill or Lil Durk or none of them n***as. Tell him to holla at my son. We got this.”

You can hear Shotti’s full comments below.

Shotti was sentenced to 15 years behind bars in the aforementioned federal racketeering case. 6ix9ine was among his co-defendants, but dodged a nearly 50-year prison sentence after he agreed to testify against Shotti and other alleged members of the Nine Trey Gang.

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