Here's What Pusha-T's New Hip-Hop App Is All About

Pusha-T has launched a new music app called Heir. The program will reward opinionated hip-hop fans with a digital currency called Crown.

Pusha-T’s business empire is getting bigger and bigger.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the G.O.O.D. Music president has joined forces with tech entrepreneur Summer Watson on a new music app called Heir. The newly launched program will allow fans to rate hip-hop records as either good or bad, with fire and skull emojis symbolizing the options, respectively; however, users should note that there are money and prizes at stake for each vote.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works: If a person’s rating reflects the general taste of other users, he/she will be rewarded with digital currency called Crown. So, if you vote up a track that the majority also likes, then you’ll rack up some coin. Same goes for those who vote down a track that most other users dislike. If your rating—either bad or good—clashes with the general consensus, then you’ll lose some currency.

According to Heir’s website, users are given the option to cash out their Crown for real money or to purchase rewards that money can’t buy; we’re talking exclusive access to an artist’s tour stop or a record release.

“We believe that when everyone eats, everyone wins,” the site reads.

Up-and-coming acts can also use Crown to purchase the attention of top voters or other artists. Once the parties have connected, they have the option to request or provide feedback on their tracks.

You can learn more about Heir and sign up for early access here.

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