Gun Possibly Connected to 2Pac’s Death Was Destroyed by Federal Agents Years Ago

Authorites destroyed the gun after it sat in storage for seven years.

This is a photo of 2Pac.

Image via Getty/Ron Galella

This is a photo of 2Pac.

One of the biggest questions in 2Pac’s unsolved murder case has finally been answered.

As previously reported, the weapon believed to have been used in Pac’s 1996 fatal shooting was allegedly located by authorities in Compton two years after the rapper’s death; however, the whereabouts of the firearm remained unknown … that is until this weekend.

According to TMZ, the .40 caliber Glock that was linked to the Las Vegas drive-by underwent ballistic testing in 2006 to determine if it was actually used in the rapper’s assassination. The ATF discovered that it was a possible match, and then gave the gun back to Las Vegas law enforcement. But when the LV Metro PD conducted their own testing, they concluded that the weapon was not linked to Pac’s murder (it was linked to another unrelated case), so they sent it back to the ATF later that year.

The weapon remained in storage up until 2013, when the agency conducted inventory. Once they agreed that they no longer needed the gun, they contacted LV Metro PD to get permission to discard it. The police department gave the green light, and the weapon was destroyed shortly after along with a stockpile of other unneeded weapons.

Though some might find this new information pretty sketchy, Battle for Compton producer RJ Bond insists the suspicion is unwarranted. 

“There was never a mystery surrounding the gun and it was never the Tupac murder weapon because it failed ballistics test from the beginning,” he told the Sun. “I wish people would just get the story straight in the first place.”

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