Pink Sweats Releases Sophomore EP ‘Volume 2’

The follow-up to the singer’s 2018 debut EP ‘Volume 1.’

Pink Sweats 'Volume 2'
Image via Publicist
Pink Sweats 'Volume 2'

Pink Sweats continues to make waves.

About five months after releasing his debut EP, Volume 1, the Philly-bred R&B singer is back with his genre-defying follow-up, aptly titled Volume 2. The project consists of five tracks, including the single "Coke & Henny Pt. 1" and its sequel. During a recent appearance on Zane Lowe's World Record, Pink Sweats explained his decision to release the record in two parts.

"Because sometimes you're drinking, you all have a great time. There is a flip side when you out meeting people when you're drunk," he said. "When you meet people, it's almost like you meet another person sometimes because you don’t really know who they are and where this relationship 'could even go'. So, you meet somebody at a club, dancing, having a good time, and then you hang out with them one day, and you're like, wait, this person's kind of like not the fun person that they were for those three hours at the club."

Pink Sweats has also called Volume 2"the epitome of breaking genre boundaries," as it takes cues from country, folk, blues, and more. You can listen to the project now on all major streaming services

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