People Think Kendrick Lamar Is Dissing Big Sean Again on "Humble"

Here's why the internet is convinced Kendrick Lamar is dissing Big Sean on the new "Humble" track.

Did Kendrick Lamar just pull a “Back to Back” on Big Sean? The internet thinks so.

Last week, the Compton rapper surprised fans with "The Heart Part 4" single, in which he goes in on an unnamed artist (or artists?). Lyrics like: “My fans can't wait for me to son your punk ass/And crush your whole lil shit/I'll Big Pun your punk ass you a scared lil bitch,” were believed to be shots directed at Big Sean. The theory wasn’t too far-fetched, as Sean was previously accused of taking subliminal jabs at Kendrick on “No More Interviews.”

Though there isn’t any concrete evidence that Sean Don is the target, Kendrick’s new track “Humble” is reinforcing the speculation.

In the song, K-Dot repeatedly uses Big Sean’s “lil bitch” ad-lib throughout the chorus. The “lil bitch” phrase (which could also be a flip on Big Sean’s name) was also featured in the second verse of “The Heart Part 4.”  The opening verse of “Humble” also includes the lines: “My left stroke just went viral/Right stroke put lil' baby in a spiral.” Of course, many people believe the “left stroke” was “The Heart Part 4,” and the right was “Humble,” which confirms Kendrick is going after the same rapper in both songs.

Some people are also convinced Kendrick was calling out Twenty88 (Sean’s collaborative act with Jhené Aiko) with the lyrics: “"If I kill a nigga, it wont be the Alcohol, I’m the realest nigga after all.”

“If I kill a nigga, it wont be the Alcohol, I’m the realest nigga after all….”

— Captain Cristobal (@CRS_One) March 30, 2017

RT @svntnh: Kendrick firing shots at TWENTY88. lmaooooooooooooooooo

— Captain Cristobal (@CRS_One) March 30, 2017

Is Kendrick referencing Sean’s Aiko-assisted track “I Know,” which includes the line: “Blame it on the alcohol or blame it on sativa”? It’s admittedly a stretch, but definitely a possibility.

Another interesting element to this Sean diss theory involves something outside of the actual “Humble” track. Shortly after the music video was released, Dave Free—the president of Kendrick’s record label TDE—posted a tweet that read: “No interview.”

kendrick lamar "humble" gotta be a big sean diss, the hook makes it obvious.

— DELETED (@LLLLLLLLLLL222H) March 31, 2017

Is Free simply letting the press know he’s unavailable to discuss the video he co-directed? Or is he making making a reference to Sean’s “No More Interviews” track? There are a lot of questions and plenty of arguments about who Kendrick is actually going after. Though some speculated Drake was also a target, it seems most people are convinced Sean is the victim.

As of now, the internet will have to keep theorizing.

You can check out some of the Twitter reactions below.  

@BigSean did you heard the song Humble by @kendricklamar I mean he snapping bro what you got on this?

— Alex Deberry (@Alexdeberry12) March 31, 2017

What Kendrick Lamar doing? What's that Humble about? Is it gonna make Big Sean want to throw up again?

— rafael. (@rafaxodiaz) March 30, 2017

Kendrick didn't like the Big Sean bars from "No More Interviews"

— Boogie (@LC_XI) March 31, 2017
More bars for ya headtop so watch how you speak on Kendrick name ya know @BigSean
Lmao Kendrick going after Big Sean and showing no mercy
Kendrick's fourth studio album is just a diss album to Big Sean
Kendrick using Big Sean's "lil bitch" ad-lib gotta be the most funny shit ever. He's bullying this nigga. Lol.

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