Offset Recounts Moments After His 2018 Car Crash: 'There Was so Much Blood'

The rapper spoke about the incident during a recent interview with DJ Clue.

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In May 2018, Offset was involved in a single-car accident that left his green Dodge Challenger completely wrecked. Though the rapper walked away with only minor injuries, his account of the crash suggests it could've been much more serious—much, much more.

Offset spoke about the accident during a recent interview with DJ Clue. He shared what was going through his mind after his vehicle smashed into a tree and how he was able to get out of the car and walk home with the help of a Good Samaritan. The Migos member told Clue he was mostly concentrating on staying calm and didn't even realize he had hit a tree until after he got out of the car.

"The first thing I thought when I crashed was get out the car ... and don't panic, because I know a lot of people die when they panic," he explained. 

Offset went to say that the impact caused the driver's door to jam and that he had to squeeze himself from under the steering wheel to escape through the passenger's side. The airbag had also left some bumps and bruises on his head and knocked out one of his bottom teeth.

"Luckily I'm just skinny, I just pushed and slid out. And then when I got out I remember there was so much blood and my face was just burning," he recalled. "And just feel somebody touch me [and say], 'You all right?' But I'm on defense mode because I'm like, 'If he sees that it's me, he might try to take something [...]'"

Offset said the man helped him walk to his Atlanta home, which was about a quarter a mile away from the crash. (The rapper eventually thank the man by purchasing him a car.)

The rapper said that as soon as he arrived at his house, he ran upstairs and told Cardi B he had to go to the hospital. His wife was understandably in shock.

"Everybody thinkin' I got shot," he recalled. "I had so much blood on my hands, on my face."

Offset's friend rushed him to the hospital, where he remained for about a day. The rapper explained that the car crash gave him a new perspective on life and that he couldn't wait to leave the hospital and return to the recording studio.

"I was feelin' so energized. I was like, 'Man, I'm blessed. I know I'm blessed,'" he told Clue. "[...] Then they told me at the hospital, 'You know, 88 percent of the people that do this type of crash they die because they come out the windshield' [...] I didn't have no broke bones. My eye socket was broke—that was it."

You can hear Offset's full account (27:20 mark) in the video above. He also discusses his relationship with his dad, his newly released album Father of 4, and how DJ Clue hooked him up with Cardi B.

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