Offset has gifted a car to the man who helped him during his recent car accident.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Offset took a video of him presenting the car to the man, Jamar. The video caption read, “I WANT TO THANK @jlckingcash SAVED MY LIFE WHEN I HAD MY ACCIDENT HELPED ME GET TO MY DESTINATION SAFE ON FEET HE WAS WALKING FROM WORK WHEN HE SEEN ME CLIMBING OUT MY CAR SO I BOUGHT HIM A CAR GOD IS GOOD.”

Offset also posted a video to his Instagram Stories, with the text, “Jamar saved my life,” adding, “So I bought him a car he was walking not the man who was in the street that caused accident but the man who saved.”

Earlier in May, the Migos member was involved in a car accident and subsequently hospitalized. Afterward, because Offset had left the accident scene, the police treated the incident as an abandoned/recovered vehicle case.

A passerby reported the accident shortly after it happened, at around 2:30 a.m. local time. When the authorities arrived at the scene, the Challenger was abandoned, with no discernible victims or witnesses. Law enforcement then launched an investigation to determine what caused the accident. Offset avoided criminal charges.

Both Offset and Quavo have expressed their gratitude that Offset didn’t die. TMZ spoke with Offset after the accident, asking, “Do you know what happened, this Good Samaritan that helped you out?” to which Offset responded, “God.”