NIKI Releases 'wanna take this downtown?' EP

NIKI will release her full-length project, 'Moonchild,' later this year.

Niki 'Wanna Take This Downtown?'

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Niki 'Wanna Take This Downtown?'

NIKI returns with her new EP, wanna take this downtown?

The four-track effort features the titles "urs," "move!," "odds," and the previously released single "lowkey"—all of which will appear on the singer's upcoming full-length project, Moonchild. 

"This is the type of music and songwriting I’ve always admired but never felt like I could personally make, because I limited myself to a certain genre and what others expected of me. So honestly making this EP was so liberating," she explained. "It truly expanded my own definition of not only who I am but also who I can be as an artist and that really, there are no rules. Make whatever inspires you. Genres are arbitrary, if it’s meaningful to you, then there’s its value."

You can stream wanna take this downtown? on all major streaming services and YouTube.

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