REFORM Alliance's Meek Mill and Michael Rubin Applaud GA Governor Signing Probation Reform Bill Into Law

REFORM Alliance was among the nonprofit organizations that pushed for SB 105—a bill that aims to reduce the number of Georgians in the probation system.

Meek Mill and Michael Rubin

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Meek Mill and Michael Rubin

REFORM Alliance celebrates another victory.

The criminal justice organization—founded by Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and Michael Rubin—is praising Georgia lawmakers for passing SB 105, a bipartisan-supported bill that eases the state’s probation system. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed the legislation into law earlier this week, after it passed unanimously in the state Senate and 169-2 in the state House of Representatives. REFORM Alliance was among the nonprofits that advocated for the bill.

Thank you to @GovKemp and our coalition partners for helping us GIVE LIFE BACK to thousands of Georgians this week! @gajustice @ACUFforJustice @RestoreHER_US @FaithandFreedom @StricklandForGA @TylerPaulSmith

— REFORM Alliance (@REFORM) May 7, 2021

“This is a momentous victory for the citizens of Georgia, considering that their state has more people on probation than any other in the country,” Meek and Rubin said in a press release. “We applaud the legislature’s commitment to addressing this matter and we’re thrilled that it will enable thousands of Georgians to leave probation and re-enter society in a safe and productive manner. We are proud of the role that the REFORM Alliance played in championing these important changes.”

According to REFORM Alliance, 1 in every 18 Georgians are currently under community supervision; approximately 40 percent of those residents are serving probation sentences that exceed a decade. SB 105 will reduce that figure by creating a pathway to early termination of felony probation after three years. During that time, individuals must meet the following requirements before a judge considers granting early termination: restitution must be paid, no revocations in the previous two years, and no new offenses. 

“SB 105 is a bipartisan, evidence-based reform that will safely reduce the prison population, save taxpayer dollars and allow resources to be redirected towards true public safety priorities,” said REFORM Alliance CEO Robert Rooks. “It is a sensible and essential step toward ensuring a probation system that gives Georgians a meaningful second chance and an opportunity for real redemption.”

The law is effective July 1.

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