Lil Pump Reportedly Owes the IRS $1.6 Million in Unpaid Taxes

The agency has reportedly filed a lien against the 21-year-old rapper's Miami mansion. If he fails to pay his debt, they will likely seize the property.

Lil Pump performs during the 2020 Adult Video News Awards

Image via Getty/Ethan Miller

Lil Pump performs during the 2020 Adult Video News Awards

It seems Uncle Sam is coming for Lil Pump.

According to legal documents reviewed XXL magazine, the “Gucci Gang” rapper—legal name Gazzy Garcia—owes the Internal Revenue Service more than $1.6 million in unpaid taxes from 2018. The agency reportedly filed a lien against Lil Pump’s $5 million Miami mansion, which he purchased shortly after the release of his sophomore album. If he fails to pay the debt in a timely manner, the IRS will likely begin the process of seizing the home.

The 21-year-old rapper has not publicly responded to the report.

This isn’t the first time Lil Pump has faced serious tax issues. Back in April, the government accused the artist of owing nearly $90,000 in back taxes from 2019. It was reported that the IRS had placed a lien against Pump’s aforementioned Miami property; however, he quickly took to social media to deny the reports, insisting the $89,378.68 bill was chump change to him.

“Listen, do not believe the internet,” Pump said in a video shared by Akademiks. “That shit is all cap, bruh. $90,000? That’s on my wrist right now. Another 90, that’s on my neck. Don’t play with my body. Look, I have made over $15 million, you know what the tax bill on $15 million is? Bitch, 90k ain’t shit to me. Stop playing with my body.”

Lil Pump’s money troubles seeming;y grew in August, when he was sued by American Express over an unpaid $26,000 bill. The suit, which listed Lil Pump Touring LLC. as co-defendant, sought full payment plus interest.

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