Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Is Coming for the No. 1 Spot on the Billboard 200

Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' is projected to take the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

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In news that should surprise absolutely no one, Frank Ocean’s newly released Blonde album is expected to make a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 chart. The music publication reported that industry forecasters are projecting Ocean’s sophomore record to earn 225,000 to 250,000 equivalent album units in the week following its release.

This is huge news for the 28-year-old artist, as it would mark his first time at No. 1 on the 200 chart. His first album, 2012’s Channel Orange, debuted and peaked at No. 2, moving 131,000 copies during its first week.

The project, which dropped Aug. 20 exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music, has been one of the most anticipated releases in the past several years. Rumors of its drop have been circulating since 2013, as leaks, social media posts, and cryptic teasers suggested the album was close to completion. But, as we all know now, Ocean was in no rush to deliver the project. Though this may have disappointed, even annoyed, some of his most loyal fans, the final product reminded us all that good art usually takes time.

Once the album was finally released, people across the world went crazy, which is understandable considering how long everyone has waited. Blonde has since taken the No. 1 album spot on iTunes, and it looks like it will certainly take the lead on the Billboard 200. Sorry, Suicide Squad and Drake

Stay tuned for the official Billboard 200 numbers to be released. 

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