Drake Reacts to Viral 'Breathe ... Breathe' TikTok Meme

Toronto-based YouTuber K Showtime recently played the now-viral clip for Drake. The original audio was taken from Drizzy's Instagram Live broadcast.

: Drake attends a preseason NBA game between the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets

Image via Getty/Cole Burston

: Drake attends a preseason NBA game between the Toronto Raptors and the Houston Rockets

As someone who has inspired countless memes, Drake has demonstrated an innate ability to laugh at himself. Case in point: his recent reaction to the “Breathe … Breathe” audio that has taken over TikTok.

Earlier this week, YouTube celebrity K Showtime posted a video featuring his fellow Toronto-native inside what appears to be a restaurant. The clip begins with a close-up of K Showtime as he starts playing a recording of Drake’s now-viral quote from an old Instagram Live broadcast from 2019.

“What do you mean, ‘breathe, breathe?’” Drake was heard saying in response to a viewer’s comment. “Don’t tell me to breathe … Ayo, bring me a shot!”

Once the recording begins to play, K Showtime turns the camera to his right and reveals Drake standing alone while on his phone. Though he appeared to be distracted at first, it didn’t take long for Drake to recognize the recording, causing him to break out in laughter.

Shortly after K Showtime posted his video, Drake’s fan page @Wordonrd shared more details on the origins of the “breathe, breathe” meme. The person behind the account posted a clip from Drake’s original broadcast, and showed that it was their comment that prompted Drake’s popular quote.

“FUN FACT: He was talking to me cause I told him to breathe,” @Wordonrd wrote. “He sounded like he was gonna pass out and I was concerned.”

You can watch a compilation of the “breathe, breathe” TikTok videos below.

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