Chris Brown Sued by Another Victim From 2014 1Oak Shooting

Another victim from the 2014 1OAK shooting blames Chris Brown for his injuries, so he's suing the singer for $750,000.

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Another day, another lawsuit filed against Chris Brown.

Back in June, music mogul Suge Knight sued the singer after he was shot six times at a VMA pre-show party hosted by Brown at 1OAK in 2014. Now, according to TMZ, another shooting victim has followed Knight’s lead and filed a six-figure lawsuit against Brown claiming he is responsible for his injuries.

The victim, Ginja Elms, says the nightclub was well aware of Brown’s gang affiliation, and its security should have done a better job searching all every person before they entered the venue. The lawsuit is very similar to the one Suge filed, as Elms is also going after singer Pia Mia, who co-hosted the event.

Elms is seeking more than $750,000 in damages. He says in addition to his physical wounds, the incident has caused "disruption in his relationship with his wife."

Earlier this year, the singer’s manager Mike G. filed a lawsuit against Brown for alleged assault. He’s also been accused of threatening behavior, was kicked off a flight for reported marijuana use, and was also kicked out of his vacation home in Ibiza. His ever-growing list of problems has also impacted his career, as his Las Vegas residency is now on hold

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