Listen to bLAck pARty's 'Hummingbird' Album f/ Childish Gambino, Saba, Kari Faux, and More

The Arkansas-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter’s first album since 2019’s 'Endless Summer' features Childish Gambino, Kari Faux, Saba, and more.

Black Party "Hummingbird" album

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Black Party "Hummingbird" album

bLAck pARty’s Hummingbird has taken flight.

The Arkansas-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter’s first album since 2019’s Endless Summer features Kari Faux, Saba, and more across a dozen tracks. The laid back Childish Gambino collaboration “I Love You More Than You Know” memorably sees Donald Glover rhyming about mortality with bars like “I never thought I’d see 40, I hope there’s 40 to go” and “I’m tryna be around a little longеr than my father, and my father’s father.”

The collab, which closes out the album, also received a video:

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bLAck pARty announced his Hummingbird LP and unleashed the single “On My Way” in mid-June.

bLAck pARty, who is signed to the Glover-affiliated Wolf + Rothstein, has worked with the multi-hyphenate on a number of tracks including Kari Faux’s 2014 track “No Small Talk” and 2016’s “Me and Your Mama.” That said, “I Love You More Than You Know” marks the first time Gambino is featured on a bLAck pARty cut. 

“I think the biggest things I’ve learned have just been from watching [Glover],” the artist told Complex in June. “I’m big on learning from example, and I think you can learn more just from watching people. Sometimes you understand what you’re capable of when you watch someone else pull something off, or when you watch someone else open certain doors. It allows you to find your way, too. Being around him for all of those years was like a crash course in being what I am now. Like how to deal with all of this, and balancing it.”

Stream Hummingbird below via Spotify or on your streaming platform of choice.

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