Premiere: ADÉ Shares Video for Wale-Assisted "Feel Some Way"

ADÉ's "Feel Some Way" is included on his new 'wyd after?' EP.

ADÉ has returned Friday with the official video for "Feel Some Way," his latest track featuring his fellow DMV artist Wale. The pair previously connected on tracks like "The One Time in Houston," "Heaven on Earth," "Smile," "Illuminate," and more.

ADÉ said the visual aims to illustrate how feelings of jealousy and hate are oftentimes psychological projections. This message is evident in several shots in which the artist is seen walking by individuals who he believes are hating on him.

"When you look at them closely you see that it's actually me looking at myself. From my perspective, this says I could very well be in the same situation doing the same thing," he told Complex. "From their perspective this says, the person I really have a problem with is myself and my own insecurities."

He continued: "Making this song was in a way therapeutic for me. I made it not too long after I signed my recording contract with Epic Records. At that time I was getting a lot of pressure from friends, family members, and even outsiders who for some reason felt entitled to whatever I had gained from what came with that."

"Feel Some Way" was produced by Super Miles and was originally intended for Wale's 2019 album Wow... That's Crazy. The track didn't make the final cut, but rather than scrap the record, ADÉ decided to put it on his newly released EP, wyd after? 

"The song fits perfectly into the picture I'm painting with the wyd after? project," he said. "I do most of my 'living' at night. Being a recording artist, I'm always at shows, parties, events, etc., which, more often than none, happen in the night time. So that's when most of the interesting shit happens in my life. I talk about what it’s been like navigating through the good times, the tough times, and my relationships while living the nightlife. The question 'what you doing after?' is the crossroads I usually come to most nights. After being asked 'wyd after?' I can either end my night, or find more trouble to get into."

You can watch the "Feel Some Way" video above. wyd after? is available to stream now on all major platforms.

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