6ix9ine's Manager Says Rapper Is Just Part of a World Where 'Classiness' and 'Integrity' Are Dead

Music manager Tr3yway sat down with 'Rap Radar' to discuss his recent come-up, as well as the controversy surrounding his biggest client, 6ix9ine. Tr3y insists the Brooklyn rapper is a good person, and is simply exercising his right to free speech.

6ix9ine’s manager isn’t bothered by his client’s relentless trolling antics. In fact, he claims the controversial rapper is simply exercising his constitutional rights—one beef at a time.

“We live in the greatest country ever. My opinion. And one of the rights we're afforded is freedom of speech, right?” Tr3yway explained on a recent episode of Rap Radar's Cigar Talk (at the 10:55 mark below). “I think he’s exercising those rights very well. ... He’s not the only person, and he’s not the first person to start trolling. He’s just become very good at it.

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“As long as nobody tries to bring harm to him—'cause I feel that they shouldn’t—everybody has the right to speak freely. We’re in America. You can say what you want, how you want.”

Though he’s relatively new to the scene, 6ix9ine has quickly garnered a reputation as hip-hop’s biggest shit-talker. The 22-year-old rapper has exchanged heated words with many of his contemporaries, including Trippie Redd, Ludacris, Vic Mensa, The Game, and YG. Some of those feuds have included vague and not-so-vague threats.

In light of XXXTentacion’s murder this year, many of 6ix9ine's critics and supporters have encouraged him to tone down his provocative internet posts to avoid a violent situation; however, Tr3yway argues no one should bite their tongue out of fear—whether that be fear of physical or financial harm.

Host Naji Chill went on to ask Tr3way if he felt people should be held accountable for the things they say. The music manager said that’s no longer an issue in today’s social climate. “We’re not in that era. Nobody is held accountable for what they say any longer—from my own president, Commander in Chief, to smallest person the streets,” he explained, going on to say, “That’s why people are able to say things so freely now. ... There’s no classiness anymore. The character of people is at an all-time low. There’s no integrity.”


Tr3way said this societal change is not just reflected in hip-hop, but also in politics. He argued that if our leaders can say anything they want without any repercussions, why can’t citizens?

The music exec also claims 6ix9ine is simply defending himself against his haters. He threw out the whole “don’t start none, won’t be none” argument, and insists 6ix9ine is a “respectful” man.

Tr3way also opens up about meeting the “Gummo” rapper, how the internet has changed the game, and securing 6ix9ine’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj.

“Nicki’s dope. She’s in tune. She knows what’s going on,” he said. “If you’re not in tune with the music—and hate to keep saying the word ‘culture’—but if you’re not in tune with the culture right now, you would’ve missed [6ix9ine].”

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