Not only has 6ix9ine been under scrutiny, but now his manager Tr3yway is as well.

According to TMZ, Tr3yway has been allegedly implicated in two shootings that occurred on the day of Adrien Broner’s fight on Saturday (April 21): the first happened on a Brooklyn street four hours before Broner’s event, and the second took place inside the Barclays Center, during the fight.

The first incident was caught on surveillance video, where Tr3yway was purportedly caught shooting at a car that was tailing 69’s SUV. The police told TMZ that the person captured on film resembles Tr3yway. In the footage—which was taken in close proximity to the arena—69's SUV is supposedly heading toward Barclays, until it stops and a man who is said to be Tr3yway gets out and runs the other way to allegedly fire his gun. The other person who gets out of the SUV is purportedly 69.

While charges haven’t been lodged against Tr3yway yet, this is the third shooting 69 and his crew have been involved in over the last week. The shooting in Barclays is said to be the result of a fight with 69’s rival, Casanova: an unidentified member of 6ix9ine's crew fired a shot during an altercation with Casanova's entourage.

On Monday, TMZ reported that last week, in New York City’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, Casanova and his crew were shot at 10 times. 69 was allegedly involved; the two rappers have been beefing for some time now.

Video surfaced from Casanova’s music video shoot, where you can hear numerous shots while the crew attempted to flee. Police have said that the incident at Barclays was likely a continuation of the shooting that took place during the music video shoot.