6ix9ine Accused of Having Sexual Relationship With Underage Girl

The woman says she 17 at the time of the encounters, while the rapper was 20.

6ix9ine is facing another round of sexual misconduct allegations involving an underage girl. On Thursday, online publication Babepublished a story in which an 18-year-old woman named Martha Gold claims to have had a sexual relationship with 6ix9ine when she was 17.

“He keeps lying to Instagram and lying to all his fans and stuff,” Gold told Babe. “I'm not tryna put him in jail or anything, but he has to learn to stay in his lane.”

The woman says she met the 21-year-old rapper on March 27, 2017 in California, where the age of consent is 18. Gold claims she met up with 6ix9nine, real name Daniel Hernandez, after he contacted her through Instagram. Prior to the first face-to-face encounter, Gold says she asked the rapper how old he was. 6ix9ine allegedly told her “20,” before asking her the same question.

“I said I just turned 17. And he was like, ‘Oh, okay,’” she said. “So we stopped talking for a few hours, and then he texted me back and he's like, ‘FaceTime me, are you down to link?’”

Gold agreed to meet. “Basically we went to go eat and his friends were there and whatnot,” she said. “But one thing led to another and it was just like…before you know it, it just happened.”

Babe reports they were provided verification that the two hung out in late March, and that Gold was in fact a minor at the time.

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Gold went on to say she kept in touch with 6ix9ine up until February of this year. She claims that within that time period, she and the rapper had about six or seven sexual encounters.

You can read Gold’s full interview at Babe.

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In 2015, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to one felony count of use of a child in a sexual performance, after he uploaded a video in which a 13-year-old girl was seen engaging in sexual acts. The “Gummo” rapper was 18 at the time.


6ix9ine insisted that the girl told him she was 19; however, according to his police statement, he merely “assumed” the girl was of legal age. The rapper’s career has since been sullied by the event; however, he has made several attempts to defend his name in the media.

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