03 Greedo Links Up With Mustard on 'Still Summer in the Projects'

The incarcerated rapper is expected to drop more projects later this year.

03 Greedo 'Still Summer in the Projects'

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03 Greedo 'Still Summer in the Projects'

Before beginning his 20-year prison sentence, 03 Greedorecorded a slew of tracks that were to be released during his incarceration.

“I got so much music by myself. I do like 15 songs a night, but I mean, certain times I’ll be doing special projects with certain people, so it’ll be a little slower ‘cause I work kinda too fast,” he said during a L.A. Leakers interview last year. “But when you got a type of stuff I got on my mind, you just gotta get it out or else I’ma be in the streets getting my anger out in a different way.”

On Thursday, Greedo came through with Still Summer in the Projects, his much-anticipated album executive produced by Mustard. The 11-track effort was released via Alamo Records and includes the previously released cuts “Wasted” with YG and “Trap House” featuring Shoreline Mafia.

You can listen to Still Summer in the Projects now on all major platforms.

Alamo Records boss Todd Moscowitz told Rolling Stone that another Greedo project is expected to arrive in the upcoming months.

“We have a Hit-Boy album coming up next,” Moscowitz said. “We’ll probably have a follow-up album three months after, and then another three months after that. He’ll probably end up putting out three or four albums and tapes this year, maybe an EP or two as well.”

Greedo was also the subject of a newly released Noisey documentary titled Project Genius: The Story of 03 Greedo. The 20-minute video takes an in-depth look at the rapper's life, exploring his past struggles in Watts, California, and his eventual success within the rap game.

Check out the documentary below.  

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