Drake and Twitch Streamer Ninja Broke a Record—and the Internet—Playing Fortnite Together

Drake joined Twitch streamer Ninja for a game of Fortnite early Thursday morning and broke a record while doing it.

Drake broke the internet early Thursday morning, and it didn’t have anything to do with him releasing new music or sharing new details about his upcoming album.

Instead, Drake managed to get hundreds of thousands of people hyped by jumping on Twitch—the streaming service that allows you to watch other people while they play video games—to take part in a game of Fortnite with the popular gamer and Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. The two managed to smash a Twitch record for most concurrent views for an individual by getting more than 600,000 people to watch them play Fortnite live at one time. It broke the previous Twitch record of 388,000 concurrent views set by streamer Dr DisRespect.

Drake sent out this tweet shortly after midnight Eastern time that alerted his fans to his presence on Twitch and sent the concurrent views count soaring.

Drake and Ninja also received some assistance in breaking the record from a couple of other famous faces. Travis Scott and Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster joined the stream at one point and really put it over the top.

At one point, Logic and Lil Yachty tried to get involved in the game, too.

Post Malone also chimed in at one point. He had no interest in joining Drake for Fortnite, but he did say he'd be up for a game of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

During the stream, Drake revealed he’s a huge Fortnite fan and said he’s been playing the game regularly for about a month or two now. Drake talked about how he plays the game in between takes in the studio, where he said he's been spending a lot of time working on his new album. He also told Ninja he’s been watching him play the game for quite some time now. 

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This is obviously a huge win for Fortnite, Ninja, Twitch, and Drake, who just managed to introduce himself to a whole new audience. You can check out the stream of Drake and Ninja playing Fortnite in the clip above. You can also scroll down to see the reactions people had to watching Drake and Travis Scott on Twitch.

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