2 Chainz Does the Absolute Most, Sits in on Booty Enhancement Surgery

2 Chainz was in the room when Dr. Miami completed a booty enhancement surgery on a woman on Thursday afternoon.

2 Chainz watches a booty enhancement surgery.

Image via @hairweavekiller on Instagram

2 Chainz watches a booty enhancement surgery.

2 Chainz is a busy man at the moment. He’s currently preparing to release his new project, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. But apparently, he wasn’t too busy this week to swing by an operating room to get a first-hand look at how a booty enhancement surgery is done.

2 Chainz popped up on Instagram on Thursday and revealed that he was sitting outside the offices of Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a.k.a. Dr. Miami:

Then, a short time later, he put up another video that showed him decked out in some scrubs ready to watch a woman have a booty procedure done:

According to TMZ, the woman paid $10,000 to have the procedure, and she signed off on allowing 2 Chainz to watch. And he looked like he was ecstatic to be in the room. He asked his IG followers to do some "trap math" and tell him how many booty procedures he could have done for $40,000, and he streamed several parts of the procedure without showing too much to viewers:

Pretty Girls Like Trap Music was supposed to drop on Friday, but 2 Chainz recently announced that it was going to be delayed. It’s unclear when he plans to put it out. But in the meantime, he's obviously finding other things to occupy his free time.

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