Vince Staples Reveals His Love for Fergie During Hilarious "What's In My Bag?" Segment

Vince Staples is apparently a huge Fergie fan.

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Vince Staples is a man of eclectic tastes, and he proved that fact yet again during a recent "What's In My Bag?" segment for Amoeba Records. During the clip, one of the first things that he reveals is that he's a huge fan of Fergie's pop smash The Dutchess. "We got this Fergie. Bangers, top to bottom," he said, before noting that his favorite track is "London Bridge."

He also dove into the inspiration he's gleaned from growing up on English rock band Joy Division. "We've got Unknown Pleasures, which the album is based on. A lot of people don't know that, but sometimes you've gotta tell on yourself." When asked how he got into the band, he quickly quipped back "I lived across the street from the Mexicans."

Elsewhere in the interview, he discussed his love for The Internet's album Ego Death and his "connoisseur" status on Led Zeppelin music. He picked out the soundtrack to Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains the Same, a famous concert film of the band shot in 1993 at Madison Square Garden. He revealed that he had never listened to it despite being a big fan of their work, and as such, he decided to pick it up.

At the end, he even managed to slip in a pitch for being Amoeba's new salesman. "If y'all ever need commercial spots, call me," he said. You can watch the whole video above to learn more about his musical influences and shopping habits, as well as see him crack a few of his signature jokes.

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