This Maid of Honor Rapped Her Entire Wedding Speech to Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby"

This is EPIC.

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While Vanilla Ice mostly makes headlines for his strange behavior and appearances on the DIY network, this week he's getting attention for one of his old hits. United Kingdom bride Hayley O'Brien got more than she bargained for during her sister/maid of honor's wedding speech. Citing her inability to sing, Rachel Winterbottom instead broke out some serious rap verses, spitting a tribute to her sister over the beat of Ice's "Ice Ice Baby."

Surprising everyone in the crowd, she laid down some fierce rhymes, rapping "piss pot describes Hayley to be fair/Always on Facebook with her legs in the air/Classy my sister could be a wag/Although this one time she was sick in her bag/Lovely that's the way she looks today/But not just to look at shes gorge in every way." Judging by the reactions of the wedding guests and the bride and groom themselves, she killed the performance.

The video has become a big hit online, racking up over half a million views since it was first posted last week. You can check out the whole clip above, and take a look at the full lyrics on YouTube.

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