Vanilla Ice was arrested and charged with home burglary and grand theft in Lantana, Fla. near a location where he is renovating a home for his reality TV show, according to Variety. The burglary apparently took place within the last month in a home that is adjacent to the one that Ice is currently renovating. Stolen items from the home included furniture, a pool heater, bicycles, and more, some of which were later found at Ice's residence.

The items have since been returned to their owner while the police try and determine Ice's involvement in the matter. Ice's reality show, where he fixes and flips houses, has aired on the DIY network since 2010. We will continue to update this story when additional details are made available.

Update 2/19/15: TMZ got its hands on Vanilla Ice's arrest report which claims he lied to police about owning the house but claimed that he thought the items on the curb were "fair game." The report states that he actually instructed his reality TV production crew to go in the house and grab certain items (A $3000 pool heater, among other things). Either way, looks like it wasn't garbage picking, sorry, Ice.