Spotify Has Reached 30 Million Subscribers

This is up from 20 million 9 months ago.

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During President Obama's historic visit to Cuba today, Spotify's CEO let out an interesting tidbit of information. Replying to a news article about the trip, CEO Daniel Ek tweeted "We have 30 million Spotify subscribers, but none of them are in Cuba ... yet. So cool to see Cuba opening up!" The thought of Spotify being widely available in Cuba—which currently lacks widespread internet access—is interesting, but the more important part of the tweet is that the streaming service has reached 30 million subscribers. This is up from just 20 million subscribers nine months ago, and represents a huge milestone from the company.

The 30 million mark comes as Spotify has started to face increased competition from a number of sources. Apple Music launched about a year ago, and currently boasts around 10 million subscribersJay Z's much-maligned streaming service Tidal is still struggling, but recently saw its subscriber base double thanks to the exclusive release of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo on the platform. Other services like Rhapsody and Deezer are also trying to muscle away market share. With all this competition, seeing Spotify's own subscriber numbers increasing at such a fast clip shows that the streaming market is growing rapidly.

You can check out Ek's tweet below, and let us know which streaming service you prefer in the comments section.

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