Nicki Minaj Talks New Album and Meeting Lauryn Hill on 'The Breakfast Club'

Nicki Minaj was floored meeting Lauryn Hill.

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Nicki Minaj called in to The Breakfast Club Monday morning to talk about meeting her idol Lauryn Hill for the first time. "Oh my God, such a surreal moment," she said. "I couldn't control myself I was at a loss for words. And she was super sweet and gracious and I was not expecting that." According to Nicki, she was totally caught by surprise. "All of a sudden, I literally said the words 'Do y'all realize my idol is right there,' and within 30 seconds of me saying that she walked into my room," she added. 

Nicki revealed that her Marie Claire cover was actually shot several months ago. She said it was odd to suddenly be hearing about it when it all came together so long ago. She also discussed the state of her Freeform sitcom, which she said has been delayed due to changes she wanted to make to the pilot. She didn't give a timeframe for when it might finally air, but still sounded excited about the project.

Elsewhere in the interview, Nicki discussed her love for Young M.A., her upcoming collaboration with Fetty Wap, and what she has in store for her next album. When Charlamagne Tha God suggested that she drop a sequel to her mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty, she laughed. "My fans are gonna love you for that, because they've been trying to talk me into that for a long time," she said. She didn't drop too many specifics about what she was working on, but did note that she likes to keep things under wraps. "I definitely won't tell anyone if I'm doing that," she said. "If I was working on a mixtape I wouldn't tell anybody that. I would just surprise my fans with it." Hopefully that means good things are in store for her fans.

The rapper is clearly making the press rounds today because she also called into Hot 97 on Monday to relive her Lauryn Hill encounter, talked going out to eat with Jay, Beyonce and T.I. after the Tidal show, and alerted fans of what's to come. "You guys will be hearing some more features soon," she told Ebro and co. coyly. When they flat out asked if she's linking up with Remy Ma, she revealed she already had something in mind. "You know when I was working on The Pinkprint, I wanted to do a song with Remy [Ma] and Foxy [Brown] and I still have the song to this day. It was on a Diplo beat, and it was super hood...I love them both so I think that's only a matter of time before she and I do something."

She also took a moment to touch on rap beefs, alluding to the beef her boyfriend Meek Mill's ongoing beef. "I think everybody's over it. I mean come on, it's pretty played out. It's over," explained Nicki. "Sometimes you're put in a position and you react...I do not believe there is anything as negative publicity. And that's what I tell him." Nicki really put it best by hitting Ebro with a solid point: "Social media has given so much power to irrelevant shit."

You can listen to her Breakfast Club interview in the video above and her Hot 97 interview below.

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