Here's Every Single Eminem Guest Verse, Mixtape, and Freestyle In One Place

All of Eminem's many guest verses and mixtapes assembled in one place.

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Eminem is perhaps the greatest of all time and is commended for his contributions to rap from both peers and fans alike. The Detroit native has been on the come up since the early '90s, making it nearly impossible to fully track his entire catalog—until now.

Thankfully, someone has done the task for all of us and gathered all the music Eminem has ever crafted or had a hand in creating in one place. "I've put this page together to collect every bit of significant Eminem content, from his guest verses, to music videos and diss tracks, and everything in between...Let the auto-play run, and enjoy," the Wakelet page reads.

The collection is broken down chronologically to depict certain moments in Eminem's prolific career. "Before the Hype" includes some of Eminem's earliest raps as he first began to flex his talent while "The Legacy of Eminem" offers a collection of articles that reflect on his technical ability and memorialize his impact on hip-hop. There are also different blocks containing all of his guest verses including every contribution from 1996-2003 where tracks with Missy Elliott and Limp Bizkit are filed. Meanwhile, the 2004-2016 block is where you can find his verse on Drake's "Forever," aka one of Eminem's best verses of all time. It was so good that it inspired Kanye West go back and re-record his own verse on the track after he heard it.

There's plenty of material for the avid Em fan to enjoy so revisit everything here and keep a look out for interviews and live performances to be added to the page soon.

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