It looks like all of those rumors about Eminem being on the verge of going at Drake on wax were, to put it mildly, a little off base. On Tuesday night, Drizzy brought Eminem onstage during the Canadian's show at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The entrance, with Em coming up from underneath the stage, was very dramatic.


Drake paid tribute to the hometown hero, bowing down to Eminem and calling him "the greatest rapper ever to get on the microphone."

Em performed "Forever" with Drake.

Fans, of course, we're thrilled to have Detroit's most famous rapper pay a surprise visit.

The two rappers even snapped a photo together, which Eminem—or whoever runs his Instagram account—titled "Views from The Joe" (as in the Joe Louis Arena). 

Eminem is just the latest high-profile guest to join Drake onstage during his "Summer Sixteen" tour. Kanye West, LeBron James, Cam'ron, J. Cole, and more have all graced the stage at various points.