Listen to DJ Drama's New Single "Wishing" f/ Chris Brown, Skeme, and Lyquin

DJ Drama unleashes his new single with Chris Brown, Skeme, and Lyquin.

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DJ Drama recruited Chris Brown, Skeme, and Lyquin for his latest single "Wishing." The track is set over a laidback, snap-accented beat. "Baby you know who I am/Girl I know just who you are/We ain't got to rush into shit/Cuz being in love is too hard/I'm tired of all these flashing lights/Girl we should just fuck in the dark/Once you let me in it, I'ma get to switching to different positions/Have that ass wishing that I was your nigga," sings Brown on the chorus, before handing the verses off to Skeme and Lyquin.

“For me to put together guys that I work with closely and who also signify what quality street music is was important. I’ve come up in a climate where record sales haven’t been the highest, especially for DJ albums,” said Drama in a press release. “I feel like my last body of work was a success based on when I walk down the streets and people say, ‘Yo, your album was crazy,’ or other DJs tell me the same. When the critics and the people give it a thumbs up, that’s how I’ll know I’ve delivered that quality street music.”

As indicated, the track serves as the lead single to Drama's long-awaited album Quality Street Music 2. The original Quality Street Music dropped way back in 2012, and featured the song "My Moment" with 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, and Jeremih. The track peaked at No. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Drama's most successful single to date.

You can stream DJ Drama's "Wishing" f/ Chris Brown, Skeme, and Lyquin below via SoundCloud.

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