Dae Dae Links Up With Lil Yachty on the "Wat U Mean" Remix

Dae Dae grabs Lil Yachty for the "Wat U Mean" remix.

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Dae Dae's "Wat U Mean" has been lighting up the internet as of late, racking up over five million views on YouTube. Wednesday, he decided to grace us all with the song's official remix, featuring none other than Lil Yachty. The new version doesn't deviate too much from the original stylistically, although it does add several new elements. Dae Dae goes in on a new verse, the chorus hits, and then Lil Yachty comes in to do his thing.

"Got a bad bitch in a two-piece/She gone rip you off like loose leaf/Bitch it's big boat/Diamond chain like a disco," Yachty spits. "Sell out every show because I'm a showstopper/I'm the big youngin to these little OGs/I should stuff a nigga in a fucking locker/Too positive to tote around a choppa."

Fans have been predicting that the "Wat U Mean" remix would feature some hot talent from Atlanta, but they probably didn't see Lil Yachty coming in to deliver a hot verse sans-AutoTune. Yachty has been burning things up with his Lil Boat mixtape and a steady stream of features with some of today's hottest young artists. He just dropped his Summer Songs 2 mixtape on Tuesday, and announced his Boat Show tour coming up soon. Clearly, he's getting ready to turn things up even more. With his success and Dae Dae's recent buzz, the "Wat U Mean" remix turns out to be pretty hot.

You can stream Dae Dae and Lil Yachty's "Wat U Mean" remix below via SoundCloud.


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