50 Cent Buries Beef With Cam’ron, Promises New Music With PARTYNEXTDOOR

50 Cent buried his beef with Cam’ron and promised new music with PARTYNEXTDOOR on Instagram on Tuesday night.

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50 Cent was making friends left and right on Instagram on Tuesday night. He started off his evening by linking up with Cam'ron. The two have beefed on and off for nearly a decade after exchanging diss tracks back in 2007. While things have quieted down between them recently, there was never much of an official reconciliation between the two camps.

Now, however, it looks like they've buried the hatchet for real. Both artists posted Instagram photos with one another on Tuesday and included funny captions along with them. 

Not content with just burying a beef, 50 also decided to link up with PARTYNEXTDOOR for an IG photo. Although he's always been cool with Drake's entire OVO camp, we've yet to see an official collaboration between 50 and any OVO artists. But by the looks of his Instagram post, that might be about to change. "Me and PARTYNEXTDOOR kicked it tonight stay tuned new music on the way," he wrote. Considering the lack of punctuation, it's possible that the two thoughts were unrelated, but it seems more than likely that a collaboration is on the way soon.

With 50 also burying his longstanding beef with The Game recently, it looks like the Power star is turning over a new leaf.

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