Yelawolf: "'Love Story' Is Gonna Be the Album That Changes Things For Me"

Yelawolf's sophomore album "Love Story" is ready for release after years of delays. At SXSW, the rapper breaks down what to expect.


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In February, Shady Records' own Yelawolf announced the release date for his upcoming album Love Story. The sophomore studio release has been in limbo since it was first announce in 2012, much to the chagrin of his ever-patient fans. In spite of the delays, Yela's passion for crafting music hasn't diminished in the slightest—hence the project's title.

We caught up with the Nashville artists at SXSW, where he explained that the time between projects won't have hurt his true fan base. And he's doing his part to give those listeners what they've been yearning for—not just as far as lyrical dexterity goes, but on a musicality tip as well. He spoke about recording—all analog—at Nashville's esteemed Blackbird studios (owned by country music OGs Martina and John McBride). Yelawolf's got a lot riding on his album and according to him, Love Story is "the album that will change things" as far as his career goes. We'll find out on April 21.

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