YG and Kamaiyah Reunite Onstage in Oakland, Move Past 4Hunnid Records Issues

After leaving YG's 4Hunnid label a few years back, Kamaiyah reunited with the Compton rapper on Thursday night during a concert in Oakland, CA.

Kamaiyah and YG appear at Rihanna's Diamond Ball in 2018

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Kamaiyah and YG appear at Rihanna's Diamond Ball in 2018

YG and Kamaiyah have buried the hatchet.

The two rappers were reunited on Wednesday during YG’s Red Cup Tour stop in Oakland. The Compton rapper surprised fans by bringing out hometown hero Kamaiyah, who in 2020 left 4Hunnid after a disagreement about her future with YG’s label.

“I swear to God, I don’t know what they know, I don’t know what they heard about — on the blogs they read, I don’t know nothing,” YG said while stood next to Kamaiyah. “But I love you. Come give me a hug.”

“I love you too,” Kamaiyah responded, before embracing YG. 

We need more friendships like @YG & Oakland queen @kamaiyah pic.twitter.com/wR5e8WmI9J

— A1 (@hxcA1) February 2, 2023

Back in 2020, Kamaiyah spoke with HipHopDX following her departure from 4Hunnid, which took place four years after she burst onto the scene with her 2016 debut project A Good Night in the Ghetto.

“At that point, I couldn’t get no hotter,” Kamaiyah explained. “I felt like all they had to do was create the radio budget, allocate the funds and let the record fucking go.”

“I never got that opportunity. And that’s the part that people don’t understand. They were like, ‘Why aren’t you here? Why aren’t you there?’ N***a, the label never put the money up they were supposed to put up.”

At the time, Kamaiyah hadn’t spoken with YG, and revealed she had “no desire” to do so until he apologized.

“My brother died in the beginning of my career. I felt like it was all these things that were occurring and instead of him advocating for me and pushing for me to make it, it seemed like it was the complete opposite,” she shared.

“Being a woman, you would think he would be like, “Alright, she gotta make it. I’m watching her go through this. I’m going to make sure she becomes what she’s supposed to be.’”

Kamaiyah and YG collaborated on “Why You Always Hatin?” and “Fuck It Up.” She has since gone independent releasing several EPs last year: Divine Timing and Keep It Lit.

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