Kehlani and Kamaiyah Address Issues, Keyshia Cole Weighs In

Kehlani and Kamaiyah have been sending subliminal shots as part of what fans assumed is a feud between them.


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Over the past 24 hours or so, Kehlani and Kamaiyah have been sending subliminal shots as part of what fans have assumed is a feud between them. The situation comes after Keyshia Cole indicated she had also had a falling out with Kehlani, and now all three have started to address the situation.

In an Instagram Live session, Kamaiyah revealed it came down to issues with Kehlani's "All Me," which originally featured the three artists together.

When rumors first started to circulate, Kamaiyah hopped on a stream and said she "does not fuck with her at all," without naming names. 

Shortly after, she did a second stream in which she said that she didn't want "All Me" to drop, but Kehlani decided to put it out regardless. "She takes me off and leaves Keyshia," she explained. "I felt like it never should have came out, and that's where our beef stems from, her putting out 'All Me.'"

Kamaiyah said she considered Kehlani "a sister," before suggesting Kehlani called her "ghetto." She denied allegations that she "used" Kehlani for streams and fame, though.

Keyshia Cole in an interview withHollywood Unlockedsaid she also isn't "cool" with Kehlani right now.

In a series of deleted tweets, Kehlani addressed rumors that she referred to Kamaiyah as "black and ghetto," refuting that she would say something so harmful. "I refuse to keep letting this fly because it's a very unsafe dangerous lie," she wrote. "I am black, my daughter is black, my father is black, half my family is black. And this woman was a sister to me... but I all of a sudden became colorist in a business conversation? Please think. Please."

After removing all the tweets in which she spoke about the situation, Kehlani said she was going to "address every topic of discussion, every public everything from the past few years" in an upcoming interview. "Until then I've been told to get off Twitter... As for any deleted tweets it's because it's all a serious topic that deserves a real life bigger conversation with words you can hear coming from my mouth and not reading." 

It's unclear if the three intend to mend their relationship, but Cole did say "anything is possible."

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