Usher Goes Viral Witih Hilarious 'Watch This' Meme From His 'Tiny Desk Concert’

Usher delivered a classic medley in the latest edition of NPR’s 'Tiny Desk Concert' series, leading to one of the more hilarious memes in recent memory.

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In celebration Black Music Month, Usher delivered a medley of classic cuts in the latest edition of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. 

Joined by Eric Bellinger and Vedo as well as a full backing band, the R&B legend ran through six tracks spread across three of his signature albums: 1997’s My Way (“You Make Me Wanna…,” “Nice & Slow,” “My Way”), 2001’s 8701 (“U Don’t Have to Call”)and 2004’s Confessions (“Confessions Part II,” “Superstar”).

While Usher’s performance was undoubtedly one of the best installments of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, it’s not the R&B icon’s singing that’s gone viral. Instead, the most meme-worthy moment from the performance came from the beginning of “Confessions Part II,” which features Usher saying “watch this.”

Although the song has always started with “watch this,” the moment that’s gone viral sees Usher bouncing to the music and motioning his open fingers over his eyes as he whispers, “Watch this.” The audience members immediately started laughing afterward, as Usher did too, before he launched into a rendition of the hit 2004 single. 

Over the past few days, the clip has made its rounds on social media, as it’s been transformed into one of the more hilarious memes in recent memory. Scroll down to have a look at some of the funniest versions below.

Drake: I’m bout to show people how turnt House music is.


— Johnny Johnson, Jr. (@_johnnyjohnson) July 3, 2022

Me: You can’t use the Usher Tiny Desk for every meme scenario

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— Thisisnatols (@thisisnatols) July 2, 2022

Parents: “don’t act up”

A little

— Joi Childs (@jumpedforjoi) July 1, 2022

Yall not tired of using Usher on every single tweet??

Black Twitter:

— Nicole Nichelle (@alamanecer) July 3, 2022

Cat Owners: “Don’t knock anything off the table.”


— DataDaveTV (@DataDaveTV) July 1, 2022

When they say Uno but you got a draw 4 for they ass

— lífє σf α rєвєl 🌹 (@fcckjulius) July 2, 2022

me hearing usher say “watch this” for the 50000th time

— BIG GRAD BBY 🍾 (@kiarrrrrrrrra) July 3, 2022

Me: I’ve already seen 200 of the Usher memes. I’m sure they’re done now.

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— Melcolm X (@MelcolmRuffin) July 3, 2022

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