Tinashe Regrets 2015 Collaboration With R. Kelly: 'That Is So Embarrassing'

The R&B singer also admitted she didn't support her label's decision to add Chris Brown to her 2015 single "Player."

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UPDATED 9/17, 4:00 p.m. ET: Chris Brown responded to Tinashe saying she is "embarrassed" for previously working with him and R. Kelly.

"NAME 5 TINASHE songs or die.... EVERYBODY DEAD" he wrote under the comments of an Instagram post with a video of Tinashe's comments.

Brown also reposted rapper Joyner Lucas to his Instagram Stories to double down on Tinashe and Selena Gomez, who went viral for reacting to Brown's nomination at the VMAs. "There will be no Chris Brown slander tolerated," said Lucas in the clip. "I'm talking about you fucking celebrity weirdos that go on these podcasts, and keep poppin' shit on my n***a for absolutely no fucking reason. Bitches making faces and shit."

"These are the same people who advocate against bullying and being treated fair but then wanna sub bro and smear him in front of the world," wrote Lucas in a separate post. "I ain't gonna watch it go down no more and not step in front of every bullet. Idgaf who you are or how many followers you weirdos got. We not doin that. shout out to my bro for not loosing his sanity at this point."

See more of Joyner's Breezy defense here.

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Tinashe has regrets about collaborating with R. Kelly and Chris Brown in the past.

During a recent interview with the Zach Sang Show, the "2 On" singer reflected on working with two men accused of abuse. Back in 2015, Tinashe joined forces with R. Kelly for "Let's Be Real Now," a track on the latter's 2015 album The Buffet.

“I literally block out that R. Kelly song from my mind. I forget that it even exists,” she said. “That is so embarrassing. That is so unreal that I even have a song with R. Kelly. That’s so embarrassing.”

She added, “I was so young, too, which is crazy because I feel like I did that song when I just signed to that label … I was probably like 20 … That was crazy,

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Tinashe, who was signed to Sony's RCA Records from 2012 through 2019, continued by explaining that she didn't have control of what her label wanted to release, as was the case when RCA decided to add a Chris Brown feature to Tinashe's 2015 single “Player."

“You lack a lot of control in that situation," she shared. "And especially when it comes to singles like the song with Chris – that was a song that we all wanted to be this big moment, this big single."

“So I feel like in [the label’s] mind, they were like, ‘You need the support.’ And he was like their biggest artist that they had on rhythmic radio at the time. And to me, I was like, ‘Well this is a pop song. So I really don’t feel like we should put Chris on it. That doesn’t compute to me.’ But I don’t know!”

Watch Tinashe reflect on collaborating with R. Kelly and Chris Brown in the video up top.

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