Soulja Boy Blasts New Jersey After Fans in Viral Video Chose Food Stamps Over Dinner With Rapper

Soulja Boy is threatening to "blow up" New Jersey, after fans from the Garden State chose food stamps over a hypothetical dinner date with the rapper.

Soulja Boy performs at 2023 Rolling Loud

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Soulja Boy performs at 2023 Rolling Loud

Soulja Boy is threatening to “blow up” New Jersey, after a viral video captured fans from the Garden State choosing to receive food stamps over having a hypothetical dinner date with the rapper.

In the video, which was posted by 856 Entertainment and features New Jersey radio host DJ Promo, several random women were asked if they would rather receive $250 in food stamps or have dinner with Big Draco.

“Food stamps. I don’t give a fuck about that corny ass n***a,” one women replied. Another answered: “Give me the food stamps. I can make chicken alfredo.”

Ever the social media troll, it didn’t take long before Soulja caught wind of the video, as the “Crank That” rapper took to his Instagram Live to rip the women’s home state of New Jersey.”

“All y’all n***as can die! Who got a problem wit’ it, n***a?” Soulja said on Instagram Live. “Fuck you talkin’ about? Y’all n***as got me fucked up, boy. Y’all bitch n***as better stop playing wit my name, n***a. I ain’t never coming to y’all city, n***a. Pussy ass n***as. Ya’ll got me fucked up, n***a.”

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Soulja went on to reference Chief Keef’s iconic song “Faneto,” which features the Chicago rapper threatening to “blow New Jersey up.”

“I knew Sosa was onto something when he said he gonna come blow New Jersey up,” Soulja added. “Suck my dick, n***a. Get all you n***as murked. Don’t ever say my name in your pussy ass video, n***a … I’ll come blow that shit up, n***a. Fuck New Jersey and everything y’all stand for!”

Check out Soulja Boy’s response in the clip above. 

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