Nicki Minaj Claims Megan Thee Stallion Told Her Team Not to Approve Beat for "Big Foot" Track: 'She Don't Want That Song Out'

The Queens rapper took to social media early Sunday morning to continue sending subliminal shots at Megan.

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The latest chapter in the beef between Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion unfolded on Sunday morning, as the Barbz leader hopped on Twitter to announce the imminent release of "Big Foot," a new track that will likely contain lyrics directed at the Houston rapper, which is scheduled to drop 6 p.m. ET on Sunday.

According to Nicki, her team is waiting on producer Lil Juju "to clear that beat that I've had for 6 years." Minaj continued by suggesting that Megan tried to stop the track from coming out despite the fact she hasn't "even heard the song."

"It's been [ready] for 2 days," she tweeted. "Just was tryna be cool & let her get lil streams. Wasn't gon say anything. But remember how everyone kept my name in their mouth and how I said the next person mention my family gon regret it. Btw, they haven't even heard the song. Who said it's even a 'diss?'"

Later in the same post, Nicki claimed she didn't even charge Megan for her guest verse on the latter's 2019 single "Hot Girl Summer."

In an additional post, Nicki blasted Megan for being scared of competing with her, saying she's "THEE WEAKEST HO" she's ever encountered.

"I've seen a lot of weak shit in my career but never in my life seen a big foot call bitches p***y, say they won't respond, then tell her producer & management not to approve the beat...All b/c she can't stand to have real competition."

From there, Nicki reiterated her claims that Megan is trying to prevent Minaj from dropping "Big Foot."

"Ask yourself why she don't want that song out after she just told ppl they wouldn't respond? She knows it's the most attention her FUNKY BUTT will ever get again in LIFE!!!!!!!! and she does not want to have REAL COMP!!!!!!"

Nicki continued her X rant by threatening to "empty da clip" should Megan "do so much as BREATHE wrong" following the forthcoming release of "Big Foot." In addition, Minaj claims she has 5 extra tracks filled with "receipts" relating to Megan.

"If that p***y ass hoe deny 1THING I say, I'm posting every fkn receipt known to man. 5. Yes you heard me! Did 5 extra songs. We've been waiting on u HO."

Minaj ended her rant by reiterating her frustration with Megan's attempts to sabotage the release of "Big Foot."

"Her team didn't want me to drop b/c they know those numbers gon embarrass her lying lypo ass. and SHE know I got proof of what SHE DID! And after how she allowered HER BEST GIRL FRIEND TO BE BULLIED, ATTACKED & RIPPED TO SHREDS WHILE KELSEY WAS PREGNANT W/ HER FIRST CHILD??? After she had FUCKED HER BEST FRIEND MAN?!?!?!"

She added, "Don't want me to drop b/c she gotta have a ghost writing session for another week to get back to me!"

Check out the rest of Nicki's tweets below.

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