Mariah Carey Shuts Down Nick Cannon's Remarks About Potential Reunion: 'What Is He? My Last Hope?'

The pop star did not seem to take her ex-husband's comments seriously.

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Mariah Carey is shutting down any future reunion with ex-husband Nick Cannon.

In an interview with E! News on Thursday, Cannon admitted that he's open to a reconciliation with Carey, who's newly single after her split with long-time boyfriend Bryan Tanaka in December.

"I mean, you gotta ask her!" Cannon told the outlet. "Let me know what she say!" He added, "Ask her, text me, we can talk through you. It's Valentines is in the air, you can be the chocolate cupid. Let's do it, I'm with it."

It didn't take long for Carey to catch wind of Cannon's remarks. As seen in a video circulating Twitter on Friday, Mariah was asked by paparazzi to share her thoughts regarding Cannon's comments.

"Remarrying?" Mariah exclaimed. "He's making this up. This is him being silly."

She added, "What is he? My last hope?"

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The former couple's playful exchange arrives nearly 10 years after they split following six years of marriage. After her divorce from Cannon was finalized in 2016, Mariah began dating backup dancer Bryan Tanaka. Carey and Tanaka officially parted ways in December after seven years of dating.

This isn't the first time in recent months that Cannon has spoken about his ex-wife. In an episode of the Daily Cannon Show last April, Nick was accused of “fumbl[ing]” Carey by his co-host Courtney Bee Bledsoe.

“Did I? Explain to me how I fumbled Mariah,” he replied. Bledsoe said she was just “playing” with him, and added, “I don’t know…I just know you’re not with her, so that’s a fumble.” Cannon replied, “Maybe she fumbled me.”

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